ProUp | The first milk-free protein drink

Protein innovation starts from egg white

PROTEIN are an essential nutrient for the body and contribute to a large part of metabolic reactions. For this reason, they are related to multiple beneficial effects on our body, such as:

- the development of muscle mass
- bone metabolism
- hormonal balance
- the health of skin and hair
- support for the immune system

Proteine are made up of amino acids, simple molecules that are largely created by our own body. The amino acids that are not produced by our body and that must be introduced with an ad hoc diet are called essential amino acids, so it is not enough simply to eat foods rich in proteins, but instead they must be chosen based on the actual availability of essential amino acids not present in our body.

Among foods, EGG WHITE is the noblest protein food and consists of a variety of proteins that contribute to maintaining strong bones and the correct tone of muscle tissue: gelling (ovalbumin), emulsifying (ovomucine), aerating (ovoglobulins) and bacteriostatic (lysozyme and ovotransferrin), naturally created.

In addition to the valuable nutritional properties of egg white such as minerals (sodium, potassium and magnesium) and B vitamins, ProUp consists of 80% ovalbumin. Highly soluble and more easily digestible, they are solid allies for athletes and for anyone intolerant to milk and lactose.

ProUp is particularly suitable for all sports performances and can be consumed pre- or post-workout.

Experience a tasty and innovative new way to eat protein, wherever you are.